Dry Food for Humans?

Look what someone left on the bed! People Food!!!

You stand watch. I’ll get us some!

What are these things?

I think they’re dry people food. They taste pretty good!

I’ll get us some more.

That was a great snack, now wash off the evidence so no one knows that we were in the bag.

Quick, act innocent! They’ll never know.



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6 responses to “Dry Food for Humans?

  1. I had a cat that loved potato chips! She never bothered to look innocent licking the salt off of her whiskers! They are such cuties!

  2. scribelady

    Dry people food is The Best!

    • It seems that all people food is great. They’ll try anything: corn on the cob, tomatoes, apple pie… Last night I was holding a chip dip container, and Red stuck her head into it! She is so fast, and she attacks without warning. She and Moe finished my dip.

  3. Somehow I missed this one. I was imagining my Georgia loving the investigation and taste of the treat, but hating that yucky stuff on her paws. She’s such a princess sometimes! Your guys are so stinking cute!!

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