Dry Food for Humans?

Look what someone left on the bed! People Food!!!

You stand watch. I’ll get us some!

What are these things?

I think they’re dry people food. They taste pretty good!

I’ll get us some more.

That was a great snack, now wash off the evidence so no one knows that we were in the bag.

Quick, act innocent! They’ll never know.



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8 responses to “Dry Food for Humans?

  1. I had a cat that loved potato chips! She never bothered to look innocent licking the salt off of her whiskers! They are such cuties!

  2. scribelady

    Dry people food is The Best!

    • It seems that all people food is great. They’ll try anything: corn on the cob, tomatoes, apple pie… Last night I was holding a chip dip container, and Red stuck her head into it! She is so fast, and she attacks without warning. She and Moe finished my dip.

  3. Somehow I missed this one. I was imagining my Georgia loving the investigation and taste of the treat, but hating that yucky stuff on her paws. She’s such a princess sometimes! Your guys are so stinking cute!!

    • This week they discovered Combos. A pretzel, cheese and a toy all rolled into one! They will play with one for twenty minutes before eating it and coming back for another. What an incredible invention!

  4. entered the last pic for tummy rub tuesday on our blog for week 163. 🙂

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