The Lingerie Shoot

In spite of a basket full of toys and humans to play with, tonight the kittens entertained themselves with something Lil’ Red pulled out of the trash. Who knew this would have made such an interesting toy?

Hey, what you got? It looks interesting. Can I play too?

This thing is weird. At least let me look at it.

No, you can’t. You’re not even a girl!

Well, at least I know how to wear it!

Red has started closing her eyes when I aim the camera. She seems to be anticipating the flash. Interesting…



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4 responses to “The Lingerie Shoot

  1. They find anything amusing!

    • Now that they’ve discovered that they can tip things over, I’m sure they are going to find all kinds of interesting play things. In the process they will teach me to empty the garbage cans more often!

  2. scribelady

    Hilarious! It’s been awhile since I laughed that hard! Kittens can make anything fun!

    • We laughed until we had tears in our eyes! I can’t believe how close I came to sending these two, little idiots to the farm. Now we wouldn’t consider parting with them!

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