The Mourning Dove

Mourning Doves are a regular at our feeders. Their quirky habits make watching them a joy. Like people with new cars at the mall, these comical birds like to land far off, and walk the rest of the way to the feeder. Perhaps they are afraid the younger, more clumsy birds will cause an accident and rumple their perfect feathers? Only the doves know for sure.



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6 responses to “The Mourning Dove

  1. Some people think they are nuisance birds but I enjoy them. They have a distinct sound and don’t seem to be aggressive around the smaller birds. Nice pictures.

  2. Your wonderful photos really show why dove gray is called “dove gray.”

  3. You are a wonderful birding photographer!!! Mourning doves are a soothing sound for me ~ they lived outside of my house in Philadelphia, then in Maine, now in South Carolina. They are one of the constants in my life. You have beautifully captured them! I have been so busy watching my cardinal (my favorites) I have not watched their behaviors that you mentioned. I’ll have to pay more attention.

    • It’s amazing the array of sounds birds can produce, and how they effect us. The war cry of a blue jay always gives me the desire to duck and cover my head, but the soft coo of a dove on a warm, summer evening makes me want to curl up on the porch swing and take a leisurely nap.

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