A Summer’s Worth of Growth

The white tailed twin fawns that were born this spring have had an entire summer to grow. They are now almost as tall as their mother, and they have put on some strong, lean muscle. They have also grown much friendlier (which may not be a good thing come hunting season).  They joined me in the yard this afternoon, and the clarity of these photos is not because of the quality of my new Nikon, but because these two  youngsters were very close. They seemed quite curious, and actually walked towards me in spite of the breeze blowing my scent in their direction.  Even speaking to them didn’t discourage them.

The cute reason that we didn’t get any corn this year.


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4 responses to “A Summer’s Worth of Growth

  1. Oh my, aren’t they pretty? I’m surprised they came so close. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are small. Would a hunter shoot them? Gosh, I hope not. We have a small group of young does that visit the neighborhood. We live near a protected preserve so I know that they only thing they have to worry about is cars and finding enough food.

    • We live adjacent to the game lands where hunting is not only permitted but it’s encouraged. Hunters all seem to assume that the land is “hunted-out” though. So our little deer probably have a better chance here than they would on private lands.

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