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Blue Slays the Beast

The performance that follows is a primeval tale of crime and punishment starring:

Blue – as the Amazon warrior princess

Specs – as brave young knight no. 1

Boots- as brave young knight no. 2

Jazzy – as the talkative spectator in the peanut gallery

and in his first appearance Vacuum Cleaner – playing himself.

The warrior princess celebrates her awesome victory on Mount Olym… (Okay, Blue that’s a little much!)

The sad fate of a terrible tyrant.




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Kittens and Recliners Don’t Mix

Boots has found out the hard way that kittens and recliners don’t mix. For all of us who own both, it  might be an idea to locate kitty before you put your feet up.



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Adopt a Cat and Never Have to Go to the Bathroom Alone Again




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Blue on Safari



January 24, 2018 · 5:24 am

A Day in the Lives of Four House Kittens


Boots has a cold… again.


Dreaming of fame

At 16 weeks old, Jazzy still has Peter Pan Syndrome.





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Our Kitten is Morphing into a Cat… I Think…

Our family was really surprised when the stray cat Skitty managed to give birth to two, beautiful, gray  kittens. (It appears she had a fling with the Russian Blue down the street.) One kitten had subtle hints of her tortoise shell heritage hidden here an there in her soft, gray fur. The other was pure gray, with hints of silver around her tiny, charcoal, nose pad. We named her Blue. Thanks to the mass of kitten photos my daughter had on her I Pad, the first kitten found an excellent home as soon as she was of age, but Blue swiftly caught hold of our hearts, and this kitten we have vowed to keep.

Unlike her brothers, who are growing like kittens do, Blue is morphing into something more unusual. Perhaps this is just a stage. I have never owned a Russian Blue before, but our little Blue is starting to look very different.


Perhaps she will grow back into those ears???


Forgive the little hints of cold around her eye. Seven of  my cats have had it. Blue is the last to recover. The vet says it just has to run its course.



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The Joy of Photographing Kittens


Are you sure I’m close enough? I can get closer. See.


This is my trapped between the recliners and dying kitten imitation. Pretty good, right? (You can tell Boots is a boy!)


If I put my nose against the lens, will it leave an imprint?


Hold the camera still, and I’ll take care of that dangling lens cap!


I spent the last fifteen minutes sniffing catnip. Can you tell?



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