Black Bear Visit

Bear at the bird feeding station

The deer that frequent our yard and the stray cats have been acting a little strangely for the last couple of days, and I began to suspect that a large predator was in the vicinity, and this morning my new neighbor’s garbage looked as though it had exploded. (I forgot to tell her about the kitty litter on top of the garbage bag trick.) My suspicions were confirmed when I looked out my bedroom window and saw this young fellow. Weighing in at about 150 to 200 pounds, he isn’t the biggest bear I’ve seen in my yard, but he was certainly the least timid. He even stepped to the window to say hello, which made me a little nervous, I must confess. Especially when my cat Boots jumped up to the sill and started to paw at the window. I wish the photos were a little better, but I didn’t know how the bear would react to the flash. I found after watching him for a while that he is lame, and his left front leg is badly injured. He is also wearing a tag in his ear, so I’ll be calling the Game Commission in the morning with the hopes of getting him a little help.

Bear coming to the window to check out the lady with the camera


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4 responses to “Black Bear Visit

  1. scribelady

    Is a bear this size still considered a cub? Thanks. (I have an inquiring mind!) 🙂

    • He would probably be considered an adolescent. He’s still young, but not under mother’s supervision. I called the Game Commission this morning, and they were going to turn the information over to the game warden. My neighbor called as well. He not only tore up their garbage, he spent a while lounging against their front door!

  2. scribelady

    I’ve heard of being friendly, but I wouldn’t want a bear to get that friendly!

  3. scribelady

    Reblogged this on Country Ripples and commented:
    My friend at The Squirrelseye had a visit from local wildlife today.

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