The Squirrel’s Photo Gallery

God bless Mama Squirrel, Papa Squirrel, my twin brother, and the lady that keeps filling the feeder.


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© S. Craig 2011

One response to “The Squirrel’s Photo Gallery

  1. Absolutely FAB photos Sue….
    Sorry, where are my manners?
    I am Sherri-Ellen aka Nylabluesmum from The Purrfect Pad on WP here. Siddhartha Henry an I stumbled across your blog & we are enthralled!! I am an avid feline blogger (as in I am the voice of my cats) so it is nice to actually speak as myself….
    I used to have many squirrels here until all the trees were cut down (a long & sad story of Housing mismanagement). So now there is only Cheeks the resident Chipmunk who lives in the drain pipe during Summer (his summer home perhaps??)
    You have a lovely blog & are very talented & I love the cat rescue you are doing!!! (I too am part of a Feral Cat group where I live).
    Hope to see you at The Purrfect Pad one day!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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