Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Now that warm weather is back, my husband and I have  been spending the evening hours relaxing on the front porch and watching the birds that come in to the feeder. Some of them have been frequenting the feeder since their parents first brought them as fledglings. The people on the swing no longer frighten them. The chickadees in particular are courageous enough to occasionally use a human being as a landing strip. But the boldness that these two, rose breasted grosbeaks displayed was quite a surprise as they bounced around our feet picking up seeds. In spite of the fact that we had never seen them before, these two boys seemed almost tame. I think there is a chance they were a “raise and release,” and see humans as a safe food source. We are hoping they find lady grosbeaks and decide to stay for the summer. If anyone out there raised these little guys, we wanted to let you know that they are still safe and happy.


Daily meeting of the Kitten Bird Watching Society


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6 responses to “Rose Breasted Grosbeak

  1. Great pictures ~ especially the Kitten Bird Watch Society!!!

    • I asked them what they were watching, and tried to peer over their heads, but they wouldn’t budge. I guess it’s an exclusive club. “No humans allowed!”

  2. I was oo’ing and ah’ing at the bird photos, and then the cat photo scrolled up, and I laughed out loud! Great pictures!

    • I can’t take much credit for the bird photos. They were such willing subjects, they made photographing them easy. As for the cats, hearing them is hysterical as well. Jazzy purrs in a very high pitch, while the others make this funny chattering noise every time a bird appears. I think they are trying to lure them in with music. The birds are unimpressed.

  3. Amazing how three large cats can fit together when necessary. All the pics are wonderful. I don’t see these birds at my feeders.

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