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First Wildlife Photos With the New Nikon


I got a few moments this morning to take a couple of bird photos with the new Nikon Coolpix B500. I have pretty shaky hands and didn’t use the tripod so I expected them to be pretty bad, especially since I had to zoom in. So far it’s proving to be a good little camera. I can’t wait to see how well it does with the tripod.



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Hey! The Feeder is Empty… and Broken.

Before daylight this morning I was awake. Not that I am an early riser. I hadn’t been asleep. It was just one of those nights. I’m not sure what drew my attention to the window, but out by the pond was a large black shape that I was sure hadn’t been there the night before. Family members often go up to the pond just to sit and look out at the water. It was probably just a lawn chair, I decided. Then the lawn chair began to move. I watched for a few moments, then raced upstairs to shake my sleeping husband.

“Wake up!” I commanded, “There’s a bear cub in the back yard!”

Of course, by the time I drug the poor groggy man downstairs and to the window there was nothing to see in the darkness but darkness, but dawn brought another sight.

This little lady was perched on the lilac bush with her beak almost against the window. As she peered into the human world inside, her loud “Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!” announced that all was not well, and she wanted her people to know about it! The feeding shelf had been licked completely clean and was hanging precariously by a mere corner. It looks like it’s time to change the location of the feeding station for the summer.

(I’m not sure if I have the birds and squirrels trained, or if they have trained me. If that feeder is empty they always find a way to tell me about it. )




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The Fledglings have Landed

Well, the kids are back early, and they are regretting it. Usually the Red-winged Blackbirds return to our area in great flocks sometime in April, but yesterday as I was attempting to capture bird photos through the snowflakes, I caught sight of two pairs. (You never realize how irritating snowflakes are until you try taking photos in a snowstorm.) These gung-ho youngsters obviously decided their fuddy-duddy elders were being too cautious and struck out on their own. One  bird still had his baby tufts.

Sorry, kids. We’re having a second winter up here.




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Return of the Ice Age

When I went to bed last night it was spring. Where did this come from???


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The Blue Jays are Getting Braver!

The blue jays have been coming to my window feeder for years, but in spite of the fact that these birds are often contentious and some times even downright hostile, they have also proven to be quite shy. The slightest move from someone on the inside will send them soaring out of range. For some reason this winter’s birds don’t seem to object to having their picture taken.

bluejay2 bluejay3 bluejay4 bluejay1


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Punxy Phil Busted!

groundhog arrested 2Punxy Phil found himself in lockup this weekend when a sting operation caught him in the very act of raiding a garden. Local authorities suspect that Phil is responsible for a crime spree that included digging a hole under a woodworker’s shop, ravaging local gardens and flower beds, and the destruction of a dozen cabbage plants while they were still in the greenhouse packaging.

Though Phil adamantly pleaded his innocence (and threatened to bite anyone who got near his cell), he was found guilty of  predicting bad weather and garden raiding in the first degree. He was sentenced to a life of exile without the possibility of parole.

Locals hope that Phil’s arrest will serve as a warning to other groundhogs who might consider a life of crime.

groundhog arrested

This very, very angry groundhog (not actually Punxy Phil) was released unharmed at a nearby animal sanctuary where he will safely live out the rest of his life far away from the temptation to return to his thieving ways.



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Mother Nature and the Downside of Winter

bird in a snowy bushMother Nature is a talented artist. With vibrant colors and peaceful landscapes she lures us to the window to admire her artistry, but the pictures she paints are often camouflage for the savagery of her world. She holds no regard for strength, youth, age, or beauty. She gives life to whomever she chooses, and she takes life without prejudice. As my father, an avid birdwatcher, often says, “It’s a war zone out there.”

With the Arctic winds sweeping around the world with the help of the polar vortex, the Northeastern United States has again become a major battle ground between life and death for local wildlife, and amongst the latest casualties in this war, is a creature I have often heard yet never seen.

She lives in the misty realms between reality and irrational fear. Her spine chilling screams bring back memories of October nights, jack-o-lanterns, and Ichabod Crane. When she raises her voice in the night, we imagine the rush of feathered wings, talons descending in the darkness, and death. We think of her as frightening, powerful, ghostly, and wise, but seldom do we think of the eastern screech owl as being extremely vulnerable.

eastern screech owl

Beautiful even in death

Measuring in at less than a foot, the eastern screech owl is a surprisingly small bird when compared to the volume of sound her tiny lungs can produce. Her meager wingspan stretches 18 to 24 inches from wingtip to  lacy wingtip. Those beautiful wing feathers are so uniquely constructed that she can drop silently upon her prey of insects and small mammals. So acute is her hearing that she can locate a mouse beneath dense foliage or snow, but the plunging temperatures have been keeping the creatures of the night safely tucked in their dens, making food scarce and survival difficult for our late night aerial predators. This exquisite screech owl was found by the bird feeder. Overtaken by hypothermia and starvation this beautiful predator joined the multitude of nature’s victims. Somedays, my love affair with Mother Nature leaves me overwhelmed with awe and admiration, and yet others, I despise her for her unbiased cruelty. Today, I hate her, but tomorrow starts another day.



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