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Putting a Myth to Rest

During daylight hours, she lurks beneath rotted logs, and in darkened caverns, but at night, unseen to human eyes, she comes out to hunt. Sometimes seen in aged wood piles and collapsing houses, the giant, forest spider is a rare site. She feeds upon anything smaller than itself, including small mice. This story doesn’t appear unbelievable if  you live in the tropics, but giant spiders in the North Eastern United States? If you tell someone that there are spiders with a four to six inch leg span living in our area, they will raise an eyebrow chuckle and say something like: “Aaa Hum… Sure… Right, and how big was this spider actually? Three quarters of an inch, I bet… Afraid of spiders, are we?”

But those of us who live in or near the forest just smile, because we know something they don’t know. Spiders grow larger where man does not intervene. This little darling is not as big as she looks, she’s actually bigger. With a four inch leg span and a body as thick as my thumb, this sweet girl is not yet fully grown. (We’ve seen them far bigger!) Found sauntering across my dining room in the middle of the night, she is solid proof that her kind actually exist.

She was safely released deep in the forest, where she will find a mate, eat him if he’s not very, very careful, and raise plenty of giant, baby spiders.

This big girl is not a myth.


For those of you who refused to believe: See, I told you so! Now, who did what with that can of spider spray?




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