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The Eastern Towhee (At last!)

I have been trying to get a photo of the elusive Eastern Towhee for years. For some reason they always seem to be in thick bushes, and even my new Nikon only wants to focus on the twigs and sticks rather than the bird. Today was my day. This shy, little beauty was out in the open!


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Totally Amazing Things Animals Do



Hang upside down when eating


Touch their Adam’s Apple with their mouth???

Prepare dinner while standing on a thin branch

Build a home out of trash



And look so cute that people forgive you for sticking your paw in their mashed potatoes!


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Eight Inches and Counting

Old Man Winter is back with a vengeance, but the snow is so beautiful that I decided to slip outside and catch a couple of photos while it’s still falling. It seems that the birds had a few things to say about this chilly weather.


Bird watching house kitten style







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Waiting for Spring


January 19, 2018 · 11:47 pm

Winter’s Here! (For a Minute or Two)

It’s been an unusual winter here in the Northeast. With January temperatures hanging somewhere around forty and fifty degrees, it seemed as though the seasons were going to slip from autumn straight into spring. Though I am not fond of the cold, winter presents some photographic opportunities I hated to miss. Things like snowflakes on squirrels, birds fluffed against the cold, and night photos of the snow. There are few things as inspiring as the sight of the forest clothed in a fresh cloak of pure white. (That is until you have to go out and clean off the car!)




With spring less than six weeks away, our cold weather finally arrived, but the constant drip of melting snow assures us that winter’s stay will be brief, and the photos will be few. It’s time to pull out the camera and take advantage of the beautiful white backdrop that God has provided, before it disappears for another year.

These photos were taken by a Kodak CD1013, a durable little camera, that’s easy to use and very inexpensive.


The Junco, commonly called the snowbird is only here in the wintertime.

This sparrow stuck around for almost five  minutes.

Female English sparrow dressed in snowflakes.

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