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Princess Goes to the Vet or Do I Actually Have a Death Wish?

Well, the day had come. Princess was actually going on her first vet visit. Was I worried? You bet I was. I tried to lock her in the storage room during Thanksgiving dinner so I had an idea of what was to come, but this time I was going to shove her into a cat carrier. At a rabies clinic once I watched a vet and her assistant turn a cat carrier upright, grab a maniacal cat by the tail, drop her into the carrier, and slam the door. I was having visions of doing the same, but my visions included frothing at the  mouth, claws flailing, and blood… plenty of blood. I should have checked on line to see if there was a “Taking an Insane Cat to the Vet For Dummies” book out there. I thought for a while about taking photos, but it’s difficult to maneuver a camera while pulling teeth from your leg.

We decided it would be best to take this adventure in baby steps

Step 1:

Choose a carrier

We have two. The small one looks pretty nice, and the large one is about forty years old and looks like we got it from the free pile at a yard sale. I had placed the large one outside last fall as a shelter for the strays until we built their winter house. I decided to bear the embarrassment and take the one Princess was accustomed to.

Step 2:

Use kitty drugs and comfort toys

A catnip soaked bed pad became a blanket and Princess’ favorite squeaky mouse was tossed in to the carrier as an extra comfort.

Step 3:

Everyone is doing it

Just to show her that the carrier was safe, every cat in the house was placed in the carrier for a minute or two. (One at a time of course.)

Step 4:

Resort to bribery

Then I packed a bag of chicken in my purse, and placed some right inside the carrier.

With everything in place, we went to the storage room in search of our crazy, little floozy.

I pulled Princess out from under the dresser and placed her in the carrier. She put up no fight!!! On the way to the vet, she quietly played with her squeaky mouse. No yowls, no howls, no frantic attempts to escape. In the vet’s office I repeatedly warned the vet and his assistant that Princess was a FERAL cat, and that she was going to be a handful. I pulled her from the carrier, she sat patiently on the table while the vet examined her and gave her shots. She then got back into the carrier and played with her squeaky mouse the entire way home??? Either our plan worked or she just wanted to make us look stupid. We’ll never know for sure.






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I Guess I Was Wrong!!

Wishful thinking didn’t stop Skitty from giving birth to four kittens in my laundry basket. I guess that extra weight wasn’t just more fat. The two gray kittens were quite a surprise. No one in the neighborhood has a gray tomcat. Skitty is turning out to be a fantastic house cat. She took to the litter box immediately and is an excellent companion. She has yet to learn dinnertime manners, but that will come in time.

After years of not giving birth, Skitty is a Mommy.




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Good Morning!

Just a few months back, my house was silent. Morning consisted of a dull routine. This morning I opened my eyes to this.

Lil’ Red is always bringing me toys, Moe wants to cuddle, Princess sings constantly, and the kittens just want to play. Boring mornings are a thing of the past!


Note: Princess is the first singing cat I’ve ever known. Her little “Purrup, meow, purrups” go on all day in a never ending song. Moe and Red sing a little, but with Princess the concert never ends.


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The Battle of Boot Hill (History Rewritten by a Kitten)

Caution: Images of extreme kitten violence.

As it has often happened throughout history, what began with a mere property dispute escalates into an all out war….

The Red Army had firmly staked a claim to the infamous Boot Hill, and would not be moved, because “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.” and EVERYTHING is Red’s possession!

But unbeknownst to Red, the Gray Army had placed a previous claim, and improvements had been made to this piece of real estate. Deep inside the cavernous Boot Hill Mine a stuffed mousie awaited his owner’s return.

Catching her adversary with his paws in “her” mine, Red immediately demanded that he relinquish the mousie and vacate the premises. A heated discussion ensued.

Followed by a shouting match.

Then… violence!

Many were the causalities.

Some even freakishly appeared to have passed in the battle.

In a surprise ending, that is sure to make the history books, the Red Army, in spite of their smaller size, arose as the champion and is seen in this photo enjoying the sweet scent of victory.



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Sunday Afternoon Nap Time


I could use a good nap.


Nap? That means sleep, right? Who needs sleep? Sleep is for losers. I don’t wanta sleep….

Can I play with the Kindle instead? I’m sure I can do better at that video game than what you were doing.

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Kitten Personalities (or loose in the house at last!)

Moe and Lil’ Red are out of the bathroom, and we are finding that, like children, no two kittens are the same.

I found the chair, now where is the person who’s suppose to hold me?

Hey, what you got? Is it for me? Hey! Is it mine? Hey …

What’s up here?

I really hope you didn’t want the rest of that Coke.

My stuffed mousie is escaping. I must subdue it!

Does anyone else realize that there is a monster in this window?

Still waiting.


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Gifts from a Princess

I’m not sure if I am ready for this. I’m not even sure if I’m young enough for it, but things are rapidly changing here in the hollow. Heartache struck swiftly this spring and took both the Elderly Gent and our eighteen-year-old cat Grenny.  For the first time in decades our house was without a pet. Silence reigned, but the outside cat Princess would see to it that our home didn’t stay that way for long.

We knew about the kittens she had stashed under the porch, and we had made arrangements with a farmer weeks ago. He would take them as soon as they were of age, but a predator moved into the neighborhood, and kittens began to disappear. We moved the final two into the bathroom for safety sake, and (you guessed it.) we became attached.

It’s been eighteen years since we had a kitten. Wow, are they active! Wow, are they noisy! Wow, are they messy! They get into everything, they tear up anything they get their paws on, and my legs look like I’ve been strolling through barbed wire. It’s been a great couple of days.

Meet the kids.

We are guessing Moe (the big gray one) was sired by a huge Main Coon that has been sulking around the neighborhood, and Lil’ Red is a rare, female, red tabby. We had originally given Red a boy’s name, because we had never seen a red one that was female.

Moe is a cuddly, Mama’s boy and Lil’ Red is as mischievous and energetic as she looks. The silence is over, and if we survive this, it might just turn out to be fun.


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