The Battle of Boot Hill (History Rewritten by a Kitten)

Caution: Images of extreme kitten violence.

As it has often happened throughout history, what began with a mere property dispute escalates into an all out war….

The Red Army had firmly staked a claim to the infamous Boot Hill, and would not be moved, because “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.” and EVERYTHING is Red’s possession!

But unbeknownst to Red, the Gray Army had placed a previous claim, and improvements had been made to this piece of real estate. Deep inside the cavernous Boot Hill Mine a stuffed mousie awaited his owner’s return.

Catching her adversary with his paws in “her” mine, Red immediately demanded that he relinquish the mousie and vacate the premises. A heated discussion ensued.

Followed by a shouting match.

Then… violence!

Many were the causalities.

Some even freakishly appeared to have passed in the battle.

In a surprise ending, that is sure to make the history books, the Red Army, in spite of their smaller size, arose as the champion and is seen in this photo enjoying the sweet scent of victory.



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Sunday Afternoon Nap Time


I could use a good nap.


Nap? That means sleep, right? Who needs sleep? Sleep is for losers. I don’t wanta sleep….

Can I play with the Kindle instead? I’m sure I can do better at that video game than what you were doing.

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Baby’s First Cheese Curl

These really taste yummy, but they have to be the crunchiest caterpillars we’ve ever eaten!


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Kitten Personalities (or loose in the house at last!)

Moe and Lil’ Red are out of the bathroom, and we are finding that, like children, no two kittens are the same.

I found the chair, now where is the person who’s suppose to hold me?

Hey, what you got? Is it for me? Hey! Is it mine? Hey …

What’s up here?

I really hope you didn’t want the rest of that Coke.

My stuffed mousie is escaping. I must subdue it!

Does anyone else realize that there is a monster in this window?

Still waiting.


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Gifts from a Princess

I’m not sure if I am ready for this. I’m not even sure if I’m young enough for it, but things are rapidly changing here in the hollow. Heartache struck swiftly this spring and took both the Elderly Gent and our eighteen-year-old cat Grenny.  For the first time in decades our house was without a pet. Silence reigned, but the outside cat Princess would see to it that our home didn’t stay that way for long.

We knew about the kittens she had stashed under the porch, and we had made arrangements with a farmer weeks ago. He would take them as soon as they were of age, but a predator moved into the neighborhood, and kittens began to disappear. We moved the final two into the bathroom for safety sake, and (you guessed it.) we became attached.

It’s been eighteen years since we had a kitten. Wow, are they active! Wow, are they noisy! Wow, are they messy! They get into everything, they tear up anything they get their paws on, and my legs look like I’ve been strolling through barbed wire. It’s been a great couple of days.

Meet the kids.

We are guessing Moe (the big gray one) was sired by a huge Main Coon that has been sulking around the neighborhood, and Lil’ Red is a rare, female, red tabby. We had originally given Red a boy’s name, because we had never seen a red one that was female.

Moe is a cuddly, Mama’s boy and Lil’ Red is as mischievous and energetic as she looks. The silence is over, and if we survive this, it might just turn out to be fun.


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Hey! The Feeder is Empty… and Broken.

Before daylight this morning I was awake. Not that I am an early riser. I hadn’t been asleep. It was just one of those nights. I’m not sure what drew my attention to the window, but out by the pond was a large black shape that I was sure hadn’t been there the night before. Family members often go up to the pond just to sit and look out at the water. It was probably just a lawn chair, I decided. Then the lawn chair began to move. I watched for a few moments, then raced upstairs to shake my sleeping husband.

“Wake up!” I commanded, “There’s a bear cub in the back yard!”

Of course, by the time I drug the poor groggy man downstairs and to the window there was nothing to see in the darkness but darkness, but dawn brought another sight.

This little lady was perched on the lilac bush with her beak almost against the window. As she peered into the human world inside, her loud “Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!” announced that all was not well, and she wanted her people to know about it! The feeding shelf had been licked completely clean and was hanging precariously by a mere corner. It looks like it’s time to change the location of the feeding station for the summer.

(I’m not sure if I have the birds and squirrels trained, or if they have trained me. If that feeder is empty they always find a way to tell me about it. )




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A Special Message to Scammers and Tele-Marketers Everywhere

This post is for all the scammers and tele-marketers out there that truly believe a portion of my money belongs to them, and that I have no better things to do with my time other than turn off my saw, trip over the cord, and track sawdust across my carpet as I race for the phone. I offer you this information

  • It is not your business if I voted in the last election and you cannot encourage me to say “Yes” or “No”.
  • If you have to ask if I have a computer, you don’t really know that my ip address is sending out porn.
  • Victoria, I know I didn’t win that cruise, because I never entered the contest, and your twenty-three calls still do not make your story believable.
  • If you don’t know my name, you do not know that my credit card is in trouble.
  • I don’t care how hard you cry, you are still not my grandson, and if you actually are in jail in Germany, tough it out, you aren’t my problem.
  • I don’t care if you do have my name, I’m still not saying yes, even when you get belligerent and swear at me. In fact, after laughing at you for a while, I’m hanging up.
  • If your name actually is Jane Smith why can you barely speak English?
  • I’m not giving you money, I’m not making a pledge, and I don’t want your packet.
  • Chances are, if you get angry and call me a liar, I’m not going to send you money. Oh, wait. I wasn’t going to send you any in the first place.
  • No, I’m not taking a survey.
  • I don’t need your service contract.
  • I did not ask for information about a back brace I saw on TV.
  • I don’t need senior care, and I don’t use catheters.
  • If I were a diabetic, I would not order medical supplies from an obscure company that contacted me by recording.
  • If my caller id lists you as unknown or just a bunch of numbers, expect me to pick up and immediately hang up. If you aren’t willing to tell me who you are, don’t expect me to talk to you.
  • The IRS does not issue warrants before they do audits. No one is coming to arrest me, but I’m not so sure the same can be said about you.
  • And Rachael from card holder services, if you get me out of the bathtub one more time, I’m going to reach through the receiver and tie your tongue in a knot!


And just to keep this post in line with this site’s theme:

To the tele-marketer from Florida, who forgot what he was selling and talked to me for ten minutes about his parrot, then hung up without remembering to make the sales pitch:

You might want to look over your shoulder and see if the boss is watching…


(To my regular readers, I apologize for my unbridled frustration.)


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