The Robins are Back

The robins have come back to the hollow and we are hoping that spring will be shortly behind them. I’ve been monitoring the weather forecast, and it seems they are always promising fifty degree weather in the distant future, but that future never seems to grow nearer. After the family left yesterday, I used the final hour of good daylight to practice with the new camera, and I cannot believe the distance it will allow you to be from a subject and still take a clear photo. The little guy at the bottom was sitting at the top of the tallest tree in the yard.  These two robins were not at all disturbed by this amateur photographer, because I was quite a ways from them. Let’s hope these little fellows brought some warmer weather with them.







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Blue Slays the Beast

The performance that follows is a primeval tale of crime and punishment starring:

Blue – as the Amazon warrior princess

Specs – as brave young knight no. 1

Boots- as brave young knight no. 2

Jazzy – as the talkative spectator in the peanut gallery

and in his first appearance Vacuum Cleaner – playing himself.

The warrior princess celebrates her awesome victory on Mount Olym… (Okay, Blue that’s a little much!)

The sad fate of a terrible tyrant.



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Cat Call

In our house if the remote control is missing, blame it on the cat. It’s probably true. Our Boots has a fascination for electronic gadgets. (As the scratches on the screen of my Kindle will tell you.) He cuddles the remote controls, plays with actors on the TV screen, and destroyed my cell phone charger. If you called me recently and the person who answered merely purred with contentment, I must apologize. Someone left the phone on the cat tree.



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Signs of Spring!!!

Winter is getting me down, and being in the house is driving me a little crazy. I’ve already pruned the apple trees, and I’ve been inspecting the peach tree almost daily to see if it’s ready for a trim. The peach is usually the first tree to show signs of life, and so far it’s been disappointing me. Sigh… But today I was wandering around outside looking for a nightgown that had blown off the line when I found sure signs of spring!! Like a giddy kid, I just have to show everyone what I found.



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Kittens and Recliners Don’t Mix

Boots has found out the hard way that kittens and recliners don’t mix. For all of us who own both, it  might be an idea to locate kitty before you put your feet up.



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Caught in the Act

We have had a rash of laundry crimes lately. I’m no professional, but I’d say this looks suspicious!


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Adopt a Cat and Never Have to Go to the Bathroom Alone Again



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