Visitors to the Backyard


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5 responses to “Visitors to the Backyard

  1. Cute. That last picture is really good, almost like the deer posed for you.:-)

    • They knew I was there, but because I was inside, they couldn’t smell me, so they weren’t afraid. The little one was especially photogenic. She (or he) even looked me straight in the eye a few times.

  2. So beautiful (even as they eat my flowers). We’ve had a fawn and two small does visit frequently this summer. They are such beautiful creatures.

    • They have taken the tops off of all three rows of our green beans, killed seven of the saplings in our orchard, and completely destroyed three quarters of our corn field. I was considering getting my hunting license this fall, but when I saw these little guys, I completely repented. They are so cute! Next year we are forking out the money for fencing, so we can keep our vegetables and the deer too.

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