One of Those Days

My garden at the end of the day.

I must confess that I am a workaholic. I measure days by the amount of work I get done. A bad day usually includes something like never getting out of the house because a small change in cat food has me mopping up after six or seven constantly barfing kitties. A good day is when I can prop up my feet in the dying light of a summer evening, and look back of the multitude of jobs that I completed throughout the day.

Today, I took care of my mother, picked the berries, hoed the garden, and pulled the weeds. I made dinner, did some cleaning, and washed a little laundry. It was a good day. So before the sunlight began to fade, I decided to grab my camera, and take a little time for myself. I took a few photos of my rose tree, and some of lilies, and of course, I had to photograph my almost weed-free garden, before the weeds got revenge. As I turned to take a photo of the sun shining through the trees I saw it… a red fox! A really small red fox was hiding in the grass by the barn. I knew I was too far away to get a photo, but I just had to try, and… Ugggghhhh…. Not again!!!

As you can see, this is definitely not a fox. So much for the good day.

And this is kitten number 2. Below are kittens number 3 and 4. I have seen five so far, and I’m pretty sure they belong to the tortoise shell that someone threw out a while back.  I’m glad I never got into the habit of swearing, or the whole neighborhood would have heard something far more explicit than “OH! NO!!!!” and “JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A BARN DOES NOT  MEAN I WANT  YOUR CAT!!!!”

Irresponsible pet owners are one of my pet peeves. If  you take an animal, you are responsible for that animal, and that doesn’t mean dropping it off by someone else’s house in the middle of the night because you think that person will take it. So she got pregnant, and that’s a problem, but it shouldn’t be my problem.

I understand that getting a pet proper medical care can be expensive, but I also know that with little effort you can find a place that offers low cost, or even free spaying and neutering and basic immunizations.  I got seven of my cats altered, immunized, and treated for fleas at the local Humane Society. I added a very generous donation to my payment, and still only paid a little over a third of what I would have at the vet.  A local spay/neuter organization also offers vouchers to help people who can’t afford to pay the meager amount that the Humane Society charges. Getting your cat fixed doesn’t necessarily have to be a checkbook emptying experience.

With the help of the Humane Society and some other great people, we eliminated the feral cat colony in this neighborhood. Only one, wild tomcat remains at large. All of the others are fixed and now have happy, indoor homes. Thanks to an uncaring pet owner, we have the starting of a new colony. To that person I say, (add lots and lots of sarcasm here.) “THANKS A LOT!!!”




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9 responses to “One of Those Days

  1. Amen, sister! Irresponsible pet owners are one of my pet peeves, too!

    • I think some people would be wiser to take on a stuffed animal rather than a living pet. When they get that cuddly kitten, they don’t seem to realize that it could be a twenty-year commitment.

  2. Are you a Granny? I didn’t knowCrystal— wrote:From: thesquirrelseye <>To: kirkbride@copper.netSubject: [New post] One of Those DaysDate: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 05:11:14 +0000

    Gabby Granny posted: ”

    I must confess that I am a workaholic. I measure days by the amount of work I get done. A bad day usually includes something like never getting out of the house because a small change in cat food has me mopping up after six or seven constantly barfing”

  3. I am so sorry for both you and the cats. I don’t understand how uncaring people can be. If you can’t or don’t want a pet there are better ways to rehome them. Hope you can get some help to get them neutered/spayed before you have a humongous colony. They are cute….

    • The kittens seem quite wild, and the mother is very skittish. I might have to trap them. I know a farmer who might take them, if he isn’t over run right now. They will be expected to work for a living, but he will provide them with food, a warm place to sleep, and a little bit of medical care. It’s not the Hilton, but it’s better than living wild.

  4. How sad that the humans care so little ~ it results in problems for humans and animals. Two of my 3 are rescues, the third is a rehomed dog.

    • I really hate to say the word farm, because these little guys will never know what it’s like to have a human love and cuddle them. The no-kill shelters aren’t accepting kittens right now, and untamed animals don’t have much of a chance in the other shelters. If we can catch them, and the farmer will take them, that is probably where these little guys and their mama will end up. At least they will get good food, some medical care, and a warm place to sleep.

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