Good Morning!

Just a few months back, my house was silent. Morning consisted of a dull routine. This morning I opened my eyes to this.

Lil’ Red is always bringing me toys, Moe wants to cuddle, Princess sings constantly, and the kittens just want to play. Boring mornings are a thing of the past!


Note: Princess is the first singing cat I’ve ever known. Her little “Purrup, meow, purrups” go on all day in a never ending song. Moe and Red sing a little, but with Princess the concert never ends.



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7 responses to “Good Morning!

  1. The songs must be Princess’ way of telling you she’s ready to give up her feral ways.

    • I think you’re right. Even though the outdoor cats are very well fed, get flea protection, and a warm bed in the winter, being a feral cat cannot be easy. They have to deal with coyotes, raccoons, fishers, and dogs. In the house Princess only has to deal with her own kittens and the humans that feed and pet her. That would be something to sing about.

  2. They all look pretty happy to me! Oh yes…you too! I can’t imagine a home without pet chaos in the morning. “I want Friskies.” “Feed me first.” “I was here first.” “Oh yuck, who picked this flavor!”

  3. scribelady

    Cats are smart! Food you don’t have to chase over all creation, no cars, raccoons, or dogs to scare you, a warm bed–creature comforts are good! 🙂

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