How to Effectively Irritate Your Big Sister

A photographic story by:

Sammy the Adorable

Shadow the Terror

and Jasper the Attack Cat

1. Use her as a sliding board!

2. Play with her whiskers!

3. Push her off the bed!

4 .Gang up on her!



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6 responses to “How to Effectively Irritate Your Big Sister

  1. She is a sweetheart to put up with them! I bet she thinks they are too cute to scold.

    • I was surprised to see her being gentle with them. Lil’ Red is hyperactive. She is a non-stop destructive force. Her toys get ripped to shreds, she uses people for scratching posts, she runs through the house as though her tail were on fire, and she destroys window blinds. That’s just the beginning of her list of crimes. I was really afraid that she would use the new kittens as chew toys!

      • I have seen a lot of stories of cats like yours and worse. Cats that don’t like other cats but when paired with a helpless kitten they soften. Something kicks in. A kindness. Let’s hope it lasts past kittenhood.

  2. scribelady

    It looks like the only thing you have to be concerned about is if she teaches the kittens her tricks!
    Lil’ Red reminds me of Snowball, my cat who was around 7 years old when Babe was born. We didn’t know how Snowball would react around the kitten, even though he was neutered, but he didn’t bother her. He looked as though he was thinking, “Oh, how cute.” and walked away.
    Babe’s aunt, Cinder, tried to nurse the kitten (without success). She babysat while Mom Spotty was off doing her thing.
    It was quite an experience watching how the other cats in the household behaved around the kitten.

    • I’m really hoping that hyperactivity doesn’t run in our kitty family. I don’t think this house could handle another Red. We never know where we’re going to find her or what she’s going to be breaking. I really don’t know how calm, mild mannered Moe puts up with her.

  3. scribelady

    Lil’ Red looks as though she might be thinking, “Oh, kittens! They don’t know any better!”

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