Kitten Logic

Kittens as problem solvers

Look! Someone gathered up all of our toys and put them in this green thing!


Well, this is a fine mess. How are we supposed to play when all of our toys are in this basket?

I can get my stuffed mousie out like this.

But it doesn’t work for a ping pong ball. How am I supposed to get my ping pong balls?

Perhaps I can push it over and dump the toys out.

Moe, we can do this if you push too.

There’s the prize!

Problem solved. Time for a nap.



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4 responses to “Kitten Logic

  1. So true. By the time the living room is all littered with toys again, they are ready to sleep.

  2. Moe has eighteen ping pong balls. By the time I find where he’s lost them all, I’m ready for a nap too!

  3. scribelady

    I used to have a cat named Cinder. We kept her toys in a cardboard box. One day she knocked the box over, looked through the scattered toys, found the toy she wanted, and took it to play with it. Had someone told me about this, I wouldn’t have believed it, but I saw it. The only thing she didn’t do was put the toys back in the box!

    • My cat Grenny used to collect shiny coins the kids left lay around and deposit them in her toy box. When it came time to have her spayed I collected her savings. I think she had about a dollar ninety-five in the box. I tried once to convince her to collect dollar bills, but she wasn’t interested. The money had to be coins, and it had to shine.

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