Still Purrrfecting the Nap

If there is one thing this kitty knows how to do, it’s relax!

Moe the Sleep Specialist. Got stress, learn from the best. (Will work for cheese curls.)





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2 responses to “Still Purrrfecting the Nap

  1. scribelady

    Nothing like chilling and sprawling out. He’s the poster cat for rest and relaxation.

    • He’s also swiftly becoming a bully. The loss at Boot Hill seems to have made him determined to master his little sister. In training kittens, we have a rule that they are never to be smacked by a human hand because human hands are only meant for loving. I had to break that rule three times yesterday just to get him to let go of Red’s face. Today, he’s being a good boy. I hope he got the message!

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