Kitten Personalities (or loose in the house at last!)

Moe and Lil’ Red are out of the bathroom, and we are finding that, like children, no two kittens are the same.

I found the chair, now where is the person who’s suppose to hold me?

Hey, what you got? Is it for me? Hey! Is it mine? Hey …

What’s up here?

I really hope you didn’t want the rest of that Coke.

My stuffed mousie is escaping. I must subdue it!

Does anyone else realize that there is a monster in this window?

Still waiting.



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8 responses to “Kitten Personalities (or loose in the house at last!)

  1. There is nothing as entertaining as kittens ~ there is a whole wonderful world to explore. Enjoy your journey with them!

  2. They are so beautiful. Enjoy. They grow up fast.

    • I thought that two would be a little much to handle, but they entertain themselves, and us. I am pleased to say that both are litter trained already!

      • Most take to litter right away and two is often easier than one because they have each other play with. My youngest Gracie who is anywhere from 1 to 4 years old (depending on who you listen to) is very active. Despite having 3 other cats to torment, she follows me everywhere, brings her feather toy to play and gives me puppy eyes if I have to do something.

      • Moe just loves to be held and cuddled. He is definitely an attention hound, but I think I will probably spend the later years of my life pulling Red from the ceiling.

  3. I absolutely love the pictures and captions. I don’t think there is anything that is more entertaining and cute than a kitten.

    • And they have so much energy. They run through the house like their tails are on fire, lay down to sleep for ten minutes, then wake up and start all over again.

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