Gifts from a Princess

I’m not sure if I am ready for this. I’m not even sure if I’m young enough for it, but things are rapidly changing here in the hollow. Heartache struck swiftly this spring and took both the Elderly Gent and our eighteen-year-old cat Grenny.  For the first time in decades our house was without a pet. Silence reigned, but the outside cat Princess would see to it that our home didn’t stay that way for long.

We knew about the kittens she had stashed under the porch, and we had made arrangements with a farmer weeks ago. He would take them as soon as they were of age, but a predator moved into the neighborhood, and kittens began to disappear. We moved the final two into the bathroom for safety sake, and (you guessed it.) we became attached.

It’s been eighteen years since we had a kitten. Wow, are they active! Wow, are they noisy! Wow, are they messy! They get into everything, they tear up anything they get their paws on, and my legs look like I’ve been strolling through barbed wire. It’s been a great couple of days.

Meet the kids.

We are guessing Moe (the big gray one) was sired by a huge Main Coon that has been sulking around the neighborhood, and Lil’ Red is a rare, female, red tabby. We had originally given Red a boy’s name, because we had never seen a red one that was female.

Moe is a cuddly, Mama’s boy and Lil’ Red is as mischievous and energetic as she looks. The silence is over, and if we survive this, it might just turn out to be fun.



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11 responses to “Gifts from a Princess

  1. They are adorable. They will keep you young (or wear you out!).

  2. They are so cute! Being from Maine, I should be partial to the Maine Coon, who is too cute for words ~ but I’m also partial to red heads!
    When I adopted my Georgia, I picked the quietest rescue in the crate. It took 48 hrs. for her to become one of the Flying Walendas! Like you, it had been 18 years since I had had a kitten, and we do forget. Georgia is now a mature 2 year old and a cuddle bunny. You will live through this! Congratulations on the new family!

    • Thank you! Our older cats were content to sit on laps and be petted. These two new ones are crazy. When I walk into the bathroom to wash my hands they use me as a cat tree. They will start battles of slap and bite each other while I’m trying to pry them off my back. I am hoping they grow out of this before they gain another ten or eleven pounds!

  3. scribelady

    Lil’ Red looks as though she is thinking, “Now what can I get into next, as soon as she turns her back!”

    • The little stinker doesn’t wait for me to turn my back. If it drops on the floors she thinks it’s hers… wait a minute. If she pulls it from the shelf, or steals it from the sink, or digs it from the garbage she thinks it’s hers. I bought them both toys. If Moe decides to play with one she takes it from him because it’s hers. I guess anything she can get her paws on belongs to her.

  4. They both are certainly adorable. They will be the source of love and pleasure for a long time. I’m glad they found you.

  5. Aww so cute :)! I wish I could get a kitten… but our apartment is just to tiny :/

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