Hey! The Feeder is Empty… and Broken.

Before daylight this morning I was awake. Not that I am an early riser. I hadn’t been asleep. It was just one of those nights. I’m not sure what drew my attention to the window, but out by the pond was a large black shape that I was sure hadn’t been there the night before. Family members often go up to the pond just to sit and look out at the water. It was probably just a lawn chair, I decided. Then the lawn chair began to move. I watched for a few moments, then raced upstairs to shake my sleeping husband.

“Wake up!” I commanded, “There’s a bear cub in the back yard!”

Of course, by the time I drug the poor groggy man downstairs and to the window there was nothing to see in the darkness but darkness, but dawn brought another sight.

This little lady was perched on the lilac bush with her beak almost against the window. As she peered into the human world inside, her loud “Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!” announced that all was not well, and she wanted her people to know about it! The feeding shelf had been licked completely clean and was hanging precariously by a mere corner. It looks like it’s time to change the location of the feeding station for the summer.

(I’m not sure if I have the birds and squirrels trained, or if they have trained me. If that feeder is empty they always find a way to tell me about it. )





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5 responses to “Hey! The Feeder is Empty… and Broken.

  1. I’t hard to really tell who trains who.

    • I thought originally it was the birds. I would fill the feeder and call them, and they would come. Now it appears that we are the ones being manipulated. I got up this morning to find the feeder already filled. A squirrel was outside making an awful racket so my newly retired husband fixed the feeder again and fed him. It appears my husband is in training as well.

  2. We get that too. Squirrels will knock on the sliding glass doors.

    • A few years ago I awoke to the sound of a squirrel chewing on the sill outside the window by my bed. I had placed a couple of crackers on the nightstand the night before, so I opened the window and tossed one out to him to stop his chewing. It soon became a morning ritual and I was keeping a jar of crackers beside the bed.

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