The Fledglings have Landed

Well, the kids are back early, and they are regretting it. Usually the Red-winged Blackbirds return to our area in great flocks sometime in April, but yesterday as I was attempting to capture bird photos through the snowflakes, I caught sight of two pairs. (You never realize how irritating snowflakes are until you try taking photos in a snowstorm.) These gung-ho youngsters obviously decided their fuddy-duddy elders were being too cautious and struck out on their own. One  bird still had his baby tufts.

Sorry, kids. We’re having a second winter up here.





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9 responses to “The Fledglings have Landed

  1. We still have our snowbirds (juncos). They seemed to start migrating north a few weeks back but they are at my feeders in large groups again. Perhaps they missed the plane.

  2. We still have a lot of juncos as well. They seem in no hurry to leave.

  3. Beautiful photos! Not sure where you are, but I am in southern Maine. We got the coastal blizzard and 16.5″ of snow on Tuesday. I was also excited to see the buds on your trees. It’s going to be quite a while before I see those in my neighborhood. I did see huge flocks of birds “gettin’ out of Dodge” on Monday afternoon. They may have small heads, but they aren’t dumb!

    • We’re south of you. We were supposed to get 12″. It looks like we only got about four, but the icicles are terrible. Just a little while ago one knocked my feeding table off the side of the house. The birds are just going to have to eat from the ground until those monsters stop falling. The birds are also avoiding the spilled bird food from the table and only eating from the suet feeder on the bush. You’re right. They aren’t dumb.

  4. Dear Gabby…my first visit. I love critters of any kind, and your photos are breathtaking. I’m in Central Park most mornings and I get to see all kinds of amazing things. Just the other day, a huge hawk swooped very low in front of me, then took flight. I took it as an omen because they are known as protectors and I was facing a challenge. Nature, she speaks to us if we listen…:)

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