Return of the Ice Age

When I went to bed last night it was spring. Where did this come from???



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9 responses to “Return of the Ice Age

  1. We’ve just started to get a taste of snow in southern Maine. There is the possibility of a Nor’easter Tuesday into Wednesday totally double digits. I’m ready for spring! That being said ~ I love your photos! A local friend has photographed robins looking very stunned on the icy end of the roller coaster of temperatures in the past few weeks. Hang in there. Spring will come!

    • Thanks!
      I feel so bad for the robins. They look so cold and hungry out there. They won’t eat seeds. I’ve tried fruit, but they aren’t interested. They seem to come back too early every year, and somehow they survive, but being a bird lover, I automatically want to help.

  2. Our local critters were out of hibernation. Haven’t seen a chipmunk, groundhog or frog in a few days. I think they hunkered back down for another nap.

  3. It was 70 degrees here outside Philly a few days ago. Today we’re digging out from a combo of ice and snow that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Who took spring and how can we get it back? Photos are gorgeous. I saw a “new” bird after the snow stopped out on our patio but didn’t have the camera nearby. Don’t know what it was but it looked like it was looking for spring also…

  4. scribelady

    Beautiful photos. The birds and the squirrel look as though they are posing for a wildlife book.

  5. What bouncing seasons we’ve had. You’ve got the caption right on that first picture

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