The New Kids on the Block

When I was a kid, I remember traveling vagrants left marks on the fences of houses that were good for a handout. If you felt a smidgen of sympathy and gave a gaunt, sunken-eyed bum a sandwich, it wouldn’t be long before more vagrants were knocking at the door. The cure to your problem was to paint your fence. I am beginning to suspect that someone has marked my fence, or perhaps I have the word “sucker” tattooed to my forehead in invisible ink? Anyway, if someone dumps a stray cat in our neighborhood, it inevitably ends up at my door. Gent was the last to be taken in of our local feral cat colony. We were free of outside cats for a few months, but….

Meet the new kids on the block.







The big one, with the fur coat that would see her through an Alaskan winter, is Skitty. (Named that because she was one skittish kitty) She has grown extremely loving in a very short period of time, and walking to the garden without tripping over her has become quite a chore. The orange one is Pumpkin. You may pull his tail or touch his nose, but petting him is out of the question. The little fluff ball is Princess. She is very delicate, very feminine, and a non-stop chatterbox. We really don’t mind their company, and someone has expressed interest in Skitty and Princess. I’ve already decided to keep Pumpkin as an outdoor cat. (We have plenty of warm shelter for the winter, and finding a home for a cat you can’t touch is difficult.)

But how? How do these cats know that out of all of the houses in the neighborhood this is the one to come to? How do they know which person will run into the house to get them a plate of cat food and a bowl of milk? I think perhaps it’s time to paint my fence, or maybe apply a little makeup?





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8 responses to “The New Kids on the Block

  1. Princess looks a lot like RC Cat who shows up outside our realm just ahead of a vacancy with Olde Tiger aging. (Of course you read her mind when you named her)
    I don’t know how they know – maybe scratch marks on the tree our fence just like the hobos used to mark houses….paw to paw rumors? (makeup won’t help…kindness shows through 🙂 )

    • I thought maybe our elderly Gent was putting out a cat-call for some more amiable neighbors. Grenny has no interest in romance and told him so with a good thrashing. He is thrilled that two of the three new cats are girls and has started trying to get out the door to visit. If he could just get past his humans he might find a new romantic interest.

  2. Don’t bother. They will find you anyway. It’s word of meowth.

  3. They must have seen the paw print on your hearts!

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