One Large Cat, One Small Basket

cat in a basket 3

The elderly Gent, weighing in at a healthy eleven pounds, still thinks he can fit into tiny spaces.

cat in a basket 1

“Hey! What’s up with this? My basket shrunk!”

cat in a basket 2

“Perhaps I could stretch it a bit.”

cat in a basket 5

“Tell the truth. You put this in the washer. Didn’t you?”



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4 responses to “One Large Cat, One Small Basket

  1. Many a morning I feel your pain, Large Cat, as I try to squeeze into the small basket of my jeans!

    • Poor kitty, right after the last photo was taken, he lost his balance, and he and his basket both rolled off the box. He’s tried a couple more times but for some reason his basket just doesn’t fit anymore. I am surprised how much he has filled out.

  2. You caught his expressions. Great captions for the pictures!

    • Thank you! He has such an interesting face, and at times his expressions look almost human. He has really grown on us. Literally! I can’t believe that he is finally beginning to fit into those huge feet. His health has been improving as well. We weaned him off of his medication and cranberry juice about a week and a half a go. It looks as though the elderly gentleman is going to be okay!

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