Abby Goes for a Car Ride (to her fur-ever home!)

“I’ve been sitting in this car for four minutes. How long does it take two humans to load one cat bed, one litter box, and a few cans of cat food?”

“Finally. We’re on the road.”

“Wow! So this is Sheetz! Could you get me a hot dog while you’re in there?”

“I don’t feel so hot. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that last hot dog.”

“Maybe a nap would help.”

“Would you prefer that I barf on your lap or on the carpet. Oh, forget it. I’ll just do both.”

“Are we there yet? Please tell me we’re there or at least tell me that they didn’t follow the same intoxicated snake when making the rest of this road.” (Poor Abby got car sick the day she went to visit the vet too.)

Abby is now happily settled in her new home where she will never go hungry and always be loved. She is one lucky cat!

Abby is now happily settled in her new home where she will never go hungry and always be loved. She is one lucky cat!



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7 responses to “Abby Goes for a Car Ride (to her fur-ever home!)

    • Except for the car ride, Abby handled the move extremely well. She decided immediately that she loved her new home and family. Rather than look for a place to hide, she greeted everyone then settled down to wash. Her new family has been sending me updates. It seems that in spite of her handicaps, Abby has been doing wonderfully well. She spends her time playing with her new people, and watching the world go by outside the window. The perfect life for a sedate and genteel feline. Abby is a lucky cat indeed.

  1. Oh, cheers for Abby. Her asymmetrical face is so unique. Car rides to the unknown are upsetting for everyone. So glad she’s approved of her new realm and is making it and the Staff her own.

    • She immediately settled in, which amazed me. Any adult cat that I ever tried to transfer to a new home found a place to hide and took quite a while to make friends. Not Abby. It was almost as if she ran up to her new people and declared. “Hi! You don’t know me, but I’m your cat. I’m moving in. We’re going to have a lot of fun together. Oooo, nice carpet… Hey, can I try out the couch? So, do you want to hear a good mouse hunting story…” (Abby doesn’t meow, but she is still quite a conversationalist.) I think she will give her new staff many years of joy and companionship.

  2. Mee-you what a happy endin to reed ’bout Abby kat! Mee Purrince Siddhartha Henry has an ouchie eye (frum Pink Eye when berry littul) an mee had Rhino Virus an all most died (an mee Brofur an Sisfur). Mee has thee Feeline Herpes Virus an mee has thee wobbly sin-drum….
    No one wood ‘dopt mee an mee was livin with me Brour on thee farm wee was born at. 6 months ago thiss Lady came to werk the ‘dopshun event an shee an mee fell inn LUV~~ Decemburr 9th shee brott mee home an wee iss livin happy efurr aftur!!
    Aren’t happy endin’ss GRATE???
    Yurss sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    The Purrfect Pad

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