Abby is Bathing!

cat washingIt seems a little strange to announce to the world that a cat is taking a bath, but sick and injured cats often forsake their meticulous grooming habits. For Abby, taking time from her almost constant naps to polish her appearance is quite a milestone. To add to this incredible accomplishment, she ran half way up the stairs, and even took a few minutes for some leisurely play. This once forsaken, feral cat is well on her way to recovery!



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3 responses to “Abby is Bathing!

  1. Purrfectly good sign! (Nice toe spread, too) She’s a beauty.

    • Unfortunately, she jumped from not grooming to over-grooming. She has a spot on her neck that looks as though she were shaved. We are assuming that she was under stress. Pudge was saying some pretty impolite things to her. Grenny took the matter in paw and began sitting close to Abby and purring loudly. The problem has been solved. Abby has relaxed and is grooming normally.

      • Stress can cause unnecessary grooming – Grenny was so kind to explain there was no need to worry – that she was pretty enough to be accepted – and there was not need to worry since all was good there. Smiles and soft chin tickles sent

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