The Peasants are Revolting!!!

the tortie queenGrenny is howling, Pudge is growling and hissing, Kitsten has exiled herself to the upstairs, and even gentle natured Abby is a little disturbed with my irrational behavior. They are all positive that I am over reacting and that my newest remodeling project is merely the product of kittenish desire to assert my dominance. After all, it was only a sausage. I love my cats. I really do, but their behavior in the last six months has become atrocious. They can sleep on my clean laundry, and I’ll grumble as I smooth out the wrinkles and brush at the cat hair. They can barf up hairballs in the entry, and I’ll growl while I clean it up, but make excuses for them later. (Poor sick kitty couldn’t help it, he just couldn’t make it to the litter box in time.) But— jumping up on the kitchen counter and stealing a sausage right out of the skillet is pushing bad behavior beyond the limits of my tolerance. Though I am assured that many people accept certain pet behaviors as normal, there are some acts that I cannot tolerate. Cat feet (that have been in the litter box) do not belong on the same surfaces as my food. My stove and kitchen counters are off limits. More and more I have been finding signs of a cat’s presence in these sacred “No Cat’s Lands”.  Houseplants have been pushed from the kitchen window, wet kitty foot prints have painted the counter by the sink, and the smell of burning cat hair has been wafting from the toaster. I must admit  that I haven’t been around as much, but my cats know better. (Abby has a valid excuse, but she stays down. Getting on the counter would take too much energy.)

The new cat barrier

The new cat barrier

So today, I solved our little problem. I installed a wooden screen door between my kitchen and the rest of the house. The cats are appalled.  Pudge got his butt smacked and is now sitting in the kennel because of his overly aggressive objections to my building project, and Grenny is glaring at me with evil eyes as she stages a sit in  beside the new barrier and considers filing a complaint with the local Humane Society. She is sure there is a law prohibiting human servants from committing such outlandish acts of rebellion. If she can find where I hid the telephone I might really be in trouble.




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7 responses to “The Peasants are Revolting!!!

  1. Be sure to keep Grenny away from the computer as well! We’re dangerous online. My blog has wreaked all kinds of havoc at my house!

  2. Sorry, my first thought when reading about the stolen sausage was, “Oh, my, I hope she didn’t burn her tongue!” I do agree about the no paws on food surfaces. I actually like your solution. Sometimes humans can outwit the pussycats!!

    • I came home this evening, cleaned up the “present” someone left by the door, then sat down at the computer. I’ve been here for ten minutes and I still don’t have a cat on my lap. I think the satisfaction of outwitting them comes with a price tag.

  3. Cats have their ways of punishing us. Let’s hope it’s not too bad but for sure you will pay for that act of treason.

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