The Lucky One

tortoiseshell catIf at one time, Abby had had a human friend, she couldn’t remember who or where they were. She was lost, and partially blind in a very unfriendly world, and now her marginal health was failing. Coughing, sneezing, and gasping for breath became the norm as she rummaged through garbage cans for discarded tidbits and attempted vainly to hunt. Abby’s chances for survival were dwindling. Fate is often a cruel companion, and a sick, homeless cat with compromised vision is destined to become its victim.

It’s not often a cat, much less a sick one, survives being hit by a car, but for the first time good fortune fell upon this gentle natured, feral cat. She not only survived, but someone took pity.

Tortoiseshell cat 3Though Abby’s vision may never fully be restored, she no longer gasps for breath. The large wound on her side has healed and her cracked ribs are swiftly mending, and soon, she will be on her way to a new home where she will always be loved and never again face hunger. Abby is one lucky cat.

If you are thinking of adopting a new pet, why not skip that fancy pet store and the pampered, pedigreed balls of fluff? Consider adopting a homeless cat, like Abby, and give another lucky animal a chance at a better life.


tortoiseshell cat 2



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9 responses to “The Lucky One

  1. Abby is beautiful. I wish her good luck at finding a warm, loving furever home! Rescues are the best ~ gratitude turns to instant love and lasts a lifetime!

  2. I think her new family will be just thrilled with her. She is such a loving, gentle, mannerly cat.

  3. Poor abby. So lucky indeed after all this 😦

  4. Well Literarychicks78 ~ you must be psychic. I have been pondering replacing my beloved 18 year old kitty (who thought she was a miniature grey golden retriever) who passed away after a long and happy life that included being den mother to 5 dogs in the course of her life. Three of those dogs were waiting for her with tails wagging when she passed. I wound up going to the animal shelter this afternoon and adopted a beautiful 10 year old kitty this afternoon. She needs to be spayed, so I will be picking her up on Monday ~ can’t wait!

    • Another fortunate kitty saved! Good for you! I think often times people miss out on truly wonderful pets because they only want a young one, a perfect one, or one with papers. We are taking care of Abby while her new family readies their home for her, and it is a pleasure. She is sitting here beside me purring like a locomotive.

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