Punxy Phil Busted!

groundhog arrested 2Punxy Phil found himself in lockup this weekend when a sting operation caught him in the very act of raiding a garden. Local authorities suspect that Phil is responsible for a crime spree that included digging a hole under a woodworker’s shop, ravaging local gardens and flower beds, and the destruction of a dozen cabbage plants while they were still in the greenhouse packaging.

Though Phil adamantly pleaded his innocence (and threatened to bite anyone who got near his cell), he was found guilty of  predicting bad weather and garden raiding in the first degree. He was sentenced to a life of exile without the possibility of parole.

Locals hope that Phil’s arrest will serve as a warning to other groundhogs who might consider a life of crime.

groundhog arrested

This very, very angry groundhog (not actually Punxy Phil) was released unharmed at a nearby animal sanctuary where he will safely live out the rest of his life far away from the temptation to return to his thieving ways.




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4 responses to “Punxy Phil Busted!

  1. He is kinda cute though… hope there are some hot Philamenas at the sanctuary! The Phils in my neighborhood tend to live under my porch and eat my flower garden!!

    • I couldn’t believe that he actually ate the cabbage plants before we got them in the ground. He must have thought that the black plastic containers meant that the food was take out.

  2. Let’s hope he wasn’t a she and a mama with little youn-uns waiting for cabbage soup! We have a lot of them here and they everything even the flowers IN MY POND! Perhaps your sheriff can make a stop?

    • We are pretty sure that Phil was male.
      Tractor supply stores sell the traps. We tried luring him in with apples first, but eventually caught him with birdseed. He looks calm in the photos, but he was actually vicious. The trap had to be repaired after his release.

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