The Discovery

cat discovers foot

The light coming through the hall window was just perfect, and my daughter’s cat, Kitsten, had just discovered that she had a foot! Kitsten, a six-year-old tabby, can also add to her list of achievements, occasionally discovering that she has a shadow, and backing away in terror because she found a floor beneath her feet. She fluctuates between being our household’s court jester and a vile tempered demon fondly known as Satan Spawn by those who have experienced her irrational wrath. As smart as a rock and as entertaining as a monkey, what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in personality.


Photo taken with a Kodak CD1013



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2 responses to “The Discovery

  1. Cats are a never ending source of entertainment…but don’t let them hear you say that

    • Poor Kitsten’s lack of witt and short attention span often leaves us laughing in hysteria. She is one of the least intelligent cats we have ever lived with, (I can say that because she won’t remember thirty seconds from now.) but she is definately the most entertaining!

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