A Horse With Zebra Stripes

Appaloosa with rib stripes


Like a living work of art, this unusual appaloosa seems to be begging me to stop and take its photo. Unfortunately, there is no place by the pasture field to pull over, and every time I get the idea to take the (almost deserted, back country) road by the stable to snap the horse’s picture, some impatient driver always pulls up behind me. This photo, taken by my daughter as I slowly crept past, clearly shows the bold contrast of this horse’s black and white coat and its distinct rib stripes. Beautiful animal! Some day I’ll manage to get my own photo. Persistence rewards those who persevere. I wonder if I can bribe a highway worker to redirect traffic for me? Bright sunshine, a cooperative horse, and two or three minutes without a horn blowing, red-faced, impertinent driver is all I need…




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2 responses to “A Horse With Zebra Stripes

  1. What a beauty – hose and photo. (Have you ever seen an Okapi?)

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