I was birdwatching with my  mom today, and birdwatching with my elderly mother is always educational, and never boring. I have never come across a bird that she doesn’t know the name of.  She recognizes their songs, and is familiar with their feeding habits and behavior, so when mom says that she’s seen an unusual sight, I know that it must be something incredible: like the patient, red-bellied woodpecker that finally lost his cool and cracked the irritating, red squirrel on the head with his beak, or the white falcon that landed on the garage roof one snowy, winter’s evening. Those stories always leave me sighing, “I wish I had been there to see that!”

This afternoon, I was actually with her at the right time. While we were watching the goldfinches quarreling over the hanging bags of  thistle seed and the stately blue jays strutting about the grass in search of scattered bird feed, Mom found the opportunity to introduce me to a pair of house finches that had been making a habit of drinking from her hummingbird feeder. I rushed for my camera so that I could share this moment with you. Unfortunately the male had flown away before I managed to focus, and an oncoming storm played havoc with the lighting, but you can see from the photo that this is definitely not  your common hummingbird.

How this pair manages to get nectar out of those tiny holes is a mystery, but their frequent visits to the feeder suggests that they are getting something!house finch eating from hummingbird feeder photo photography house finch eating from hummingbird feeder photo photography house finch eating from hummingbird feeder photo photography

Note: A little research identified the bug from last week’s blog article as an “eyed elater” otherwise known as an “eyed click-bug.” They are a harmless and very helpful insect. The adults live on nectar, but the larvae eat wood-boring insects. If this critter’s kids eat termites, I’m rolling out the red carpet. The eyed click-bug is welcome to stay!



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  1. Maybe the house finches bring their own straws!

  2. Are you sure there isn’t margarita mix in there?

  3. Enjoy your blog. I would like to pass the Versatile Blogger award along to you!! Mentioned you on my latest post! Thanks Terri

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