Winter’s Here! (For a Minute or Two)

It’s been an unusual winter here in the Northeast. With January temperatures hanging somewhere around forty and fifty degrees, it seemed as though the seasons were going to slip from autumn straight into spring. Though I am not fond of the cold, winter presents some photographic opportunities I hated to miss. Things like snowflakes on squirrels, birds fluffed against the cold, and night photos of the snow. There are few things as inspiring as the sight of the forest clothed in a fresh cloak of pure white. (That is until you have to go out and clean off the car!)




With spring less than six weeks away, our cold weather finally arrived, but the constant drip of melting snow assures us that winter’s stay will be brief, and the photos will be few. It’s time to pull out the camera and take advantage of the beautiful white backdrop that God has provided, before it disappears for another year.

These photos were taken by a Kodak CD1013, a durable little camera, that’s easy to use and very inexpensive.


The Junco, commonly called the snowbird is only here in the wintertime.

This sparrow stuck around for almost five  minutes.

Female English sparrow dressed in snowflakes.

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©S. Craig




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16 responses to “Winter’s Here! (For a Minute or Two)

  1. Nice pictures, I love them! You did a great job taking them. Love all the poses. 😉

  2. You must have a wonderful zoom lens. These are really great pictures. I have tons of finches, cardinals and chickadees this year. Snowbirds, not so many. I thought maybe they didn’t migrate like they usually do. Oh yes and doves who love to poop in the birdbath!

    • Actually my camera only has 3X zoom. The secret to taking photos like these is to watch for the proper lighting then get as close as you can. Bright afternoon sunlight works the best for me.(Not too bright, or the photos tend to look a little washed out.) A birdfeeder on the window ledge will bring the birds and squirrels within range, and your cats will get them acclimated to movement on the other side of the glass.
      A special note: I keep a small board secured against the outside bottom of the window. The squirrels swiftly discover that you are the food provider and will attempt to chew the bottom sash to get your attention.

  3. I wish we had snow. What a great backdrop for photos of birds. I love the last one the most!!!!

  4. Wayside Artist

    These are great photos. My little GE camera gave up the ghost over the weekend, so I was very interested to read about the one you use. Thanks also for your suggestions on getting close up photos with a basic camera.

    • You’re welcome! Kodak put together a nice little camera when they made the CD1013. I keep it set to the highest quality possible and put in a 16 gigabyte SD card so that I don’t have to worry about space. It fits in my purse, so I take it with me everywhere.

  5. Wonderful photos of these birds. I may have to try putting out a bird feeder.

  6. I LOVE these photos. You have such a great eye, and sense of timing for nature photography. You are obviously a patient photographer, as well as observant of behavior… and patient enough to wait for just the right moment to click!!

    • Thank You!
      Actually, the secret isn’t always waiting. A wise photographer once told me, “If you see the shot, you have missed the shot.” I begin taking photos of an animal when I first notice it, and continue as I creep closer. On days when the lighting is right, I take as many as 150 photos a day. The vast majority of them get discarded, but the more photos a person takes, the more likely, there is to be a gem or two amongst them.

  7. Love your pictures! I agree with the poetic part about the beauty of snow, then had to laugh in total agreement at the addendum about brushing off the car – so true.

    • I made the mistake of getting ready for church before I went out to clean off my truck. This gave me the privelege of going to service with wet spots all over my clothes and snow packed in my good shoes.

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