Playing with the Camera, the Cat, and the Software

I was checking out nature photography sites this evening, and I came across a true work of photographic art. This photo, posted by JR Photography was taken of an oncoming storm from, of all places, a cemetery. Positioning the camera at almost ground level, and angling it upward, he produced a truly ominous photo. Choosing to print it in black and white was an act of photographic genius. So bold, so haunting, so beautiful! I was truly impressed.

The idea of working with black and white and possibly other effects intrigued me. Since I didn’t have a storm or a cemetery handy to experiment with, I used what I had. My cat Pudge wants to let you know that he was an innocent victim a willing participant in this photographic endeavor.

First, selecting black and white and using the spotlight effect, we have a photo of:

Pudge in a derby!

(Can’t really see the derby, but he’s still a snazzy looking cat.)

And also in the spotlight and black and white we have:

                                                       Pudge the Fireman!

And using the sepia effect, and a little Photoshop work to keep from getting into legal trouble, we have:

Pudge the Pirate!

Again placing Pudge in the spotlight, and using both the black and white and the cartoon effect, we have:

Pudge the Policecat!

And finally, placing Pudge in the spotlight, and using both the sepia and the cartoon effects, we have a photo of:

Pudge the Alien!

Okay so I’m not a photographic genius, but you’ll have to admit that I am creative talented weird, and I love both my camera and my cat.

Special thanks to my daughter for her help with this project!

Disclaimer: No large, grumpy, black cats or amateur photographers were harmed during the making of this blog.

© S. Craig

I would like to wish my wonderful brother a very happy birthday!



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8 responses to “Playing with the Camera, the Cat, and the Software

  1. Fun seeing all your photographic effects. I bet you had a good time doing it.

  2. We actually came out of it without a scratch!

  3. Quite an honor to be mentioned here. I’m just a noob, you know. 🙂
    You have fun posts! Love the squirrel! 🙂

  4. RC would never be as cooperative.(I’m still trying to get a shot of her holding her mousie to her head as to soothe a headache) Great shsots! Love the alien one…so intense…you don’t suppose that’s cats are really….no, couldn’t be

  5. Kudos to your patient cat. None of mine would put up with hats of any sort. I also have a black cat and I have been trying to get a really artistic contrasty picture of him. So far no luck. I do have some pictures of his backside if you are interested.

    • I understand completely. If I posted all of the photos I take of my cats, the captions would probably read: This is Grenny’s tail, that blurry thing is Kitsten sniffing the camera, and that bench is where Pudge was sitting.

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