Greedy, Little Chipmunk

There once was a chipmunk that never would play,






He just ran to the feeder and chased the birdies away.






Then he’d open his mouth and he’d lower his chin,

And he’d begin in a hurry to stuff the seed in,





He’d grab millet and corn and thistle seed too,

Then chase off the gray dove that came in with a coo,





He didn’t care if that dove wanted to eat,






Or if the titmouse cried foul or the cardinal sang sweet.

The feeder was his, and he wouldn’t share.





He grabbed a sunflower here and that pumpkin seed there.






And you wouldn’t believe it, but I swear that it’s true,






With each seed that he took his face grew and it grew.






Until our greedy, little chipmunk was ready to pop,






And though he would have continued, his cheeks made him stop!

© S. Craig

He was so cute, I just couldn’t resist posting this!



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22 responses to “Greedy, Little Chipmunk

  1. Crystal

    This is terrific!! And I love the pictures. You need to find a nature magazine who will post this!!! I’m going to send this to my facebook so others can see it!!!

    • Thanks! He was such a cooperative, little fellow. I love watching him, but the birds really hate it when he comes in. The weather here is unseasonably warm, but a cold front is moving in tomorrow. I imagine I won’t see this chipmunk again until spring.

  2. What crystal clear photos – feels like he’s sitting on my desk!

    • I took these photos from my dining room window. He’s about eighteen inches away from the camera. He didn’t seem to mind me being close as long as there was glass in between us. If I had been out in the yard, I couldn’t have gotten within six feet of him.

      • I get the impression you think that “feels like he’s sitting on my desk” is a good thing. Au contraire. Skittery little vermin sitting on my desk is a bad thing. Very, very bad. 😉

      • I see your point. As we learned here this year, skittery, little vermin indoors can be quite disgusting. Luckily, this chipmunk seems to have the sense to stay outside.

  3. What a little sweetie. He looks exactly like the one that my cat keeps trying to eat (he’s smart enought to outfox the cat though so no worries), big cheeks and all.

  4. Great pics and I love the poem that goes with them too.

  5. It just dawned on me that this is the first time seeing a real chipmunk! All I have known is Alvin & the Chipmunks! Yikes!! What a real cutie and you captured it so well. Glad you decided to share this. I would have gone to the grave chipmunk deprived! 🙂

  6. P. Booher

    Great photos, Sue! I felt I could reach out and pet him!

  7. Great photos! I haven’t been around chipmunks for a while, they are so cute, even with their puffy little cheeks…

  8. This little one started stocking up for winter in April. Someplace nearby, he must have thirty pounds of birdfood hidden.

  9. Talk about stuffed! Enjoyed the photo story

  10. Such cute photos! It reminds me of how my hamster looks with her mouth stuffed with seeds-just adorable. (By the way, wanted to thank you for ‘Like’ing our post on my blog about animal habits. I really appreciate it!) 🙂

  11. Lovely photos and poem! The chipmunk is so cute, I just want to squeeze it! We don’t get them here in Australia so it’s really cool to see your pictures of it in action. Thanks for liking my picture of the barn owls and leading me to your blog! 🙂 – Cassie

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