The Great Ketchup Experiment

This week I received an article from a good friend of mine, whose work often appears on this blog. I read the words over, then went to the top of the article and read them again. “No way!” I gasped out loud. “She has got to be joking! That can’t possibly work! There was no punch line. She was serious. Knowing that I would never be satisfied until I tried the experiment myself, I got out the ketchup and the salt shaker and went to work.

Read her article, then check out the photos of my experiment. This is incredible!


Inexpensive Kitchen Cleaners for Revere-ware

Do you have copper-bottomed (Revere-ware) pots and pans that need cleaned on the exterior bottom?

Do you think you need to buy some expensive cleaner to do so?

Nope, the remedy is right in your kitchen.

Put ketchup on the bottom of the pan, sprinkle a little table salt in the ketchup, let it set briefly, then rub. It may take some rubbing, but when you’re finished, the bottom shines.

An extra bonus: energy savings! With the bottom cleaned off, heat conducts more evenly and your food gets hot quicker.

P. Booher

Okay, let’s get this experiment started.



Subject: 1 copper measuring cup (Messy because a certain housewife left it set in a mixing bowl full of water all night.)





Step 1: Squirt on the ketchup.







Step 2: Generously sprinkle on salt.






Step 3: Smear the salt and ketchup all over the copper surface. (If you have a cut on your finger, you might wish to wear kitchen gloves for this part!) Then I eat a Christmas cookie while I wait for this mixture to do its work.




Step 4: Using a damp (not wet) dishcloth or sponge rub the copper well, then rinse.  Wow! This really does work! You actually can clean copper with ketchup and salt! Sorry, my friend, for ever doubting you!




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10 responses to “The Great Ketchup Experiment

  1. I’ve never heard of this before. What a unique idea. I especially like the part about eating a Christmas cookie while you wait.

  2. Ketchup is usually something I wash off of the dishes, not something that I use to clean them. I was amazed at how well this worked.

  3. Great idea! Thank your friend for sharing this wonderful and easy tip. Now where do I find the cookie for my waiting period?

  4. I swiped mine out of the Christmas cookie stash. That’s one advantage to being “Mom”. There’s no one to catch me and smack my fingers.

  5. What a great trick! Do you recommend a Snickerdoodle, Mexican hat or basic chocolate chip for the cookie?

  6. Wow, that’s amazing! 🙂 And if I had those types of pots, I would try it. Even though I don’t, I will still follow this instruction of yours to the letter: “Then I eat a Christmas cookie while I wait for this mixture to do its work.” Got it.

  7. beats the heck out of that smelly copper cleaner.

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