Ode to Leftover Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving morning, and  Bobby can’t wait

Until that old buzzard’s resigned to his fate.

He’ll have turkey with stuffing and gravy, and pie,

Hot mashed potatoes and turkey piled high!

Yams that were candied with marshmallow goo,

And when that is finished, he’ll have turkey too!

It seems on Thanksgiving that Bobby can’t wait

To get a big piece of that bird on his plate.

But after Thanksgiving with the passing of days,

It seems that our Bobby has changed in his ways.

He’s had turkey daily and now has a hunch

That turkey will show up at school in his lunch.

So, if it is true that we are what we eat,

He’ll soon grow pinfeathers and forked turkey feet.

I know it’s not Helen Steiner Rice, but give me a break, I’ve been sick. Earlier this week as I sat at my computer whining about my runny nose. I spent some time checking the Internet for some solutions to the “What do we do with all of this leftover turkey?” problem. I found that there are thirty-two Internet pages claiming to provide recipes for left0 ver turkey. (Yes, I was exceptionally lifeless this week.) Some sites offered very little, and others left me wondering if I were suffering from the Google Redirect Virus again. The low carb site was a blank, white page. (Eating nothing will keep your carbs low, but it won’t do much about the leftover turkey problem.) Many other sites contained numerous pop-ups that were meant to gobble up one’s attention. I steered away from these. After searching for quite some time, I thought perhaps some of you might profit from my boredom if I listed the most promising recipe sites here.

(I make no guarantees about the content of any of these sites.)

Wise Bread


All Recipes


Pinch My Salt – this site has a great looking curried turkey salad recipe!






Simply Recipes


Forty Something






Lesley’s Recipe Archive






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7 responses to “Ode to Leftover Turkey

  1. Thanks for the suggestions (curried turkey salad – yummmmm)

  2. I was looking for something that uses turkey and broccoli. (Weird things people crave when their nose is stuffed and everything tastes like cardboard!) There is a great sounding recipe at TasteofHome


    It sounds delicious, simple, and it should use up some of the huge bag of leftover stuffing I have in the fridge.

  3. Crystal

    Your ode is adorable!

    My husband and I spend at least 10 hours making and canning turkey soup made from the leftovers of our Thanksgiving meal. There were only 6 at our table this year, but I got a 20 pound turkey to have enough leftovers from our garden. This year the weather has been so warm and no real overnight frosts that our garden is still producing. We dug carrots and harvested some greens and onions from our garden, added the leftover vegetables from our meal, boiled the turkey carcass to get EVERY morsel of meat and flavor, diced a large stalk of celery, added 3 huge bags of frozen vegetable, 4 large cans of whole tomatoes, and Jasmine rice. We even threw in some leftover stuffing and the rest of the cranberry sauce! We canned 16 quarts of soup, made 2 quarts for Glenn’s brother in Maryland, and saved 6 servings of soup for us to eat over the next few days. This is the 3rd year we have done this and will continue as long as we are able. When the snow is coming down and the wind is swirling, we open a jar of soup and smell Thanksgiving! God Bless

  4. I pulled beets and picked brussel sprouts from my garden yesterday. The brussel sprouts I expected, but the beets were a big surprise. I had given them up as frozen!
    I cooked two turkeys this year because we were having a small dinner at my parent’s house as well. We’ve been picking at them since Thanksgiving, but they will probably end up as soup as well.

  5. Fun poem!

    We had dinner at the in-laws’, so there were no leftovers for us. And my son doesn’t seem to care for turkey — but he’s only 4. There are still plenty of turkeys for sale — maybe I’ll make one just so we can enjoy the leftovers and all these links!

    Hope you are feeling better!

    • That cold is finally gone, and he was one visitor that I was really glad to see go!
      While turkeys were on sale, I picked up one for later. Nothing like a turkey roasting in the oven to cheer up a cold winter’s day!

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