Is it Planting Time Yet?????


Is it time to plant them yet????

It will soon be gardening time in the Northeastern U.S.!!!! Yippeeee! I know I sound like an over excited kid at Christmas time, but I’m a touch hyper. I don’t have the attention span for television, and a book has to be really good to hold me for any more than an hour or two, and these four walls have been driving me crazy. If it weren’t for the nature fix I get from the birds and squirrels right outside my dining room window, I’d be swinging from the chandelier. This staying inside all winter long is for house cats and couch potatoes.

My husband announced on Monday that in two weeks he’d be able to go up and plow the garden. Oops! I’ve already got a third of it turned over with a shovel. The onions, peas, lettuce, and radishes are already in. I told this to my dad yesterday, and he exploded. “What’s the matter with you? It’s too early! Are you crazy?” No, I’m not crazy… Well, maybe just a little. Staying inside from November to April can do that to a person. My tomato plants are already up, and growing in pots in my parlor window. I’ve been getting my flowerbeds ready for spring planting. I have rooted ivy to be planted along my rock walls. I have young bushes started to plant by the pond. All of my seeds have been purchased and are ready and waiting for just the right moment. It has to be soon.

A goldfinch sporting his spring colors

The robins, grackles, and redwing blackbirds are back. The goldfinches are shedding their olive, winter plumage in favor of brilliant yellow and black feathers, and a pair of golden eagles has been circling in search of a nesting place. Surely soon, the sleepy, old, black bear will lumber down through the yard and officially announce the arrival of spring. I just can’t wait!


Happy Spring!




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2 responses to “Is it Planting Time Yet?????

  1. jocey

    Sooo jealous! Still covered in snow here in Western Canada!
    Grow lots of veggies for the both of us 🙂

  2. It was warm here last night. I sat down on the porch, propped up my feet and fell asleep for a while, listening to the spring frogs singing. This morning I got up and it was frigid outside. It’s snowing out there as I’m writing this. As long as my veggies aren’t peeking through the ground yet, they should be okay, but I just want to run outside and scream, “Hey, stop it! It’s spring!”

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