Notes on Cutting your Grocery Bill

Don't be afraid to try the store brands!

Here are some great tips about grocery shopping from someone with an inside connection.

Shop mainly at one grocery store. Know the prices of the items  you buy regularly. This way, if the store advertises an item as being “on sale” you’ll know if that item is actually on sale.

Be aware that items on end caps and special displays may  not always be “on sale”. (Another good reason for knowing prices.)

Read signs carefully, especially the small print!

In recent years, manufactures and wholsalers’ return policies on outdated and damaged items have changed; fewer suppliers accept those items and give stores credit on them now. This means that many stores have a clearance section set aside in some part of the store to get rid of such items. Keep in mind that some individual departments, such as dairy or produce, may have their own clearance section within the department to move out their highly perishable items that are close to the “Sell-by” date.

P. Booher


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