Save Money – Trust Your Pet

This sounds like a strange title for an entry, but it has been a strange couple of days. It started in the middle of Sunday night or early Monday morning. My cat Grendel startled me awake by jumping onto the bed and meowing urgently. To understand why this is so unusual you need to understand this cat. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell, the queen of our home, and strictly a downstairs cat. She will sit on your lap, stretch out beside you, or hang over your shoulder, as long as you are downstairs. If you carry her upstairs, she runs back down.

Being groggy from sleep, I pulled my fussing cat close beside me and covered her with the blankets. This didn’t satisfy her. She didn’t want covered. She didn’t want petted or cuddled. She wanted me to wake up. Finally, I just covered my head and  ignored her. Big mistake. Very big mistake, because while I was trying to ignore my cat, someone was downstairs robbing my house. The intruder got away with most of my daughter’s, freshly cashed paycheck, the money I had set aside for the children I sponsor, my son’s game system, his GPS, and the key to my house.

It cost us sixty dollars to replace the locks that evening. Grendel sulked around the house for hours giving me “I told you so” glances, leaving me to feel humbled by my own stupidity. It was an expensive lesson to learn.

Looking back on the situation brings me to the conclusion that God gave us pets for more than just companionship. They are our protectors, an early warning system that should never be ignored. As the intruder prowled around our houses that night my neighbor’s dog paced restlessly, keeping her awake,  rather than going to bed as he usually did. Another neighbor left her fussing dog outside to relieve itself, to find that the animal wanted out to chase the intruder away from her house. Those pets saved their owners a lot grief. Mine tried to.

If your pet is displaying uncharacteristic behavior in the middle of the night, don’t just push the animal away and go back to sleep. Save yourself some money and perhaps your own life. Get out of bed and find out what’s wrong.

A Note of Caution: If you suspect that a stranger has a key to your house, change the locks immediately. Our prowler was back the next night to try out his new key.



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